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5 Things Your Website Needs To be Successful



web design services in Dubai

Since the advent of internet, marketing has become very easy because now customers can attain all the information they need from business websites.

Nobody wants to scroll through old directories or call up different businesses to acquire information, one can easily do it with the help of a business website. But yes, in order for your business to grow, you require a business website, one that can be successful.

But just because you have a website doesn’t mean its going to fulfill what the customers require. Not every business is able to attain its marketing goal successfully. There are a few aspects you need to keep in mind when setting up a website. This is why many agencies are now providing web design services in Dubai, to meet the needs of smaller and bigger brands.

But in case you do not plan on getting web design services in Dubai, here are a few things you can do to your website, so it can be successful

  • Create a pleasing design

The first element of any website is its design. Most of the websites on the internet that do not work the way they should is because the customers are not attracted to their design. Your visitor should be pleased as soon as he lays eyes on the web page.

Make sure your design is pleasing to the eye and is not complexed. It should be simple and easy to understand.

  • User friendly structure

Again, the only sole purpose your website should have is to assist the visitors. If they are not able to make use of your website the right way, what is the point of having it on the first place? Make sure your website design is user-friendly and visitors can acquire information they need easily.

  • Fresh content

Keep your website up to date and add new content every day. Let’s say, you have begun a news blog, your blog will not attract the visitors if it doesn’t have fresh content every day. Even if it isn’t a news blog, you’re running a clothing brand, you should always keep your website up-to-date, so the visitors have a purpose to visit your website, they get the latest information from it.

  • Social media

So, now you have setup your website, how would you attract visitors? Use social media in this regard. 70% of the online customers use social media to get latest updates about their favorite brands. Use social media and enhance your digital presence. Give live updates and provide your customers with every reason to why they should keep tabs on your brand updates. 

  • Add an about us

Every business website must have an “about us” section. It is a must if you want your customers to know about your brand values and vision. add this to your website and make this your landing page. It will give boost to your online presence and add credibility to your business.

So, these were a few things you need in order to have a successful website. If you have any questions in this regard or any recommendation, feel free to leave us with your feedback.

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Web Design

Things to be evaluate before finalizing a web designing company Singapore



web design companies in Singapore

If you are in the dream to design a branded presenting website for your e-commerce industry and business, keeping its design in mind as important as website itself. So you should start from searching a best 40 website designing company to build your business website design Wynn said who is founder from Novage Communications which is the web design and Development Company in Singapore. And once you finalize the firm it is better make some notes on it and consider what you should have in your website design:

Firstly make notes to know the importance of the website: to know the significance and importance of the website you should contact with your known who already taking the services of it. Along with know why you shouldn’t hire a bad designer and what the side effects are if you will do so to cut down the cost of designing. In short you should start studying from user experience. It is helpful as it will help you think about the good and bad effect of the website design. But the most important aspect that is to keep in mind is website should be attractive, so that visitor can get agree to take your services.

Know the type of your business and design that will suit it best: making a business model is very important to finalize the website design for it. The design should not only for show off. It should be complete functional and informatics. It can only be beneficial if it will collaborate with your business best. You can make or ask the designer to make rough sketch for your reference so that you can understand and make an idea hoe your website will look after the completion. In this way you can do the changes as per your requirements.

It is better not stuck on one option that you find in the beginning:  if you already have decided the budget for website designing, it is better you choose the best designing services provider. Best and affordable services are not tough to find if you have clear vision in mind that what you want from online existence.  Do not compromise with the quality just because you are getting the services at low prices, you can pay extra as it will be hard you to compete on the internet as you will find a number of website on it. It is better taking an interview of designing team to get best services. All of the above the website should be user friendly and able to explain the entire information perfectly to the users.  

Background of the firm should be respectable: it is better design your website with a respectable company. The website designing firm should have its own good identification in the market.  The experience should be good and it should have good list of consumers as well. This evaluation is the best to get trust on the firm whom you going to assign the work of adding new technology in your business. Along with these evaluation factors there are several other factors which you can check before hiring a firm.

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Web Design

Design for the environment



Responsive Web Design

The term Responsive Web Design is at the top of nearly every web developer’s thoughts when it comes to planning the perfect website.  At first, web developers had to consider how their design would interact with different operating systems. The next issue they faced was the use of various web browsers displaying content in different ways.  Back in the day, a good webpage would be both platform- and browser independent. However, Technology is an ever growing industry that demands users and designers to constantly improve on their previous creations.  What is considered a good design today might become old school and outdated within a short period of time. This has been the case when looking at what makes a good website great.

Today, users all over the world have access to the Internet not only from their homes, but in portable devices that accompany them where ever they go.  Tablets, smart phones and laptops alike give users the freedom to stay connected regardless of their location, and it is slowly taking over the way users surf the web. So how does this piece of information influence web design?

A Responsive Web Design is one that responds to its environment, making your website looks great regardless of the screen size of the device used to view it.  It is aimed at keeping design standards and overall feel consistent and optimizing the user’s experience on your website. A user does not have to zoom and shrink text or images to be able to see the content on your website.  Another plus side to having this type of design is that the designer implements the website as only one design, but with different elements that will respond differently depending on the environment it is accessed in.

Not only is the use of a Responsive Web Design important in catering for all possible user devices, it is also a sure way to gain ranking in Google’s SEO index, making your website visible to users and ultimately gaining more traffic to your website.  Also, separate websites for mobile and normal viewing will result in separate SEO indexes, as appose to an accumulative index rating that will ensure better visibility.

The flip side of this is that a site that does not incorporate Responsive Web Design to cater for mobile devices will lose some of its ranking points, putting competitor’s websites in a higher ranking than yours, leading to the loss of potential customers.  

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Web Design

7 Flabbergasting Graphic Design Hacks to make you a pro



Everyone wants to be a pro in one's industry. However, this is easier said than done. The path to attaining this success is never an easy.

It takes around 10,000 hours to become a master at anything. Being a professional has its own benefits. However, this is not as easy as it sounds. The path to success takes a lot of time and patience. There are a tons of steps that overlap and make things challenging.

Graphic designing is an area where there is a lot of room of improvement. The novice graphic designers can advance if they focus their efforts on the end-goal, which is to become a pro and charge a high-fee for designing world-class graphics.

However, just like everything else, to get better at graphic designing takes a lot of effort and improving skills is one prime necessity.

At times the designer gets direct feedback easily from the client, while other times the feedback comes from the stakeholders and the employees. Every feedback is important.

To minimize the negative feedback – a graphic designer can follow these hacks which will change the skill set of the designer from a beginner to a pro.


  • Pick a Color Theme first


Before working on any project, it is best advised to stick to few colors. Understand the brief of the client. Research the background of the client and pick 2-3 colors which are relevant to the client’s background.

It is important to know that not all the colors will match with the shapes and typography that you will use. That’s why it is good to pick and choose colors first so that the overall design looks professional and uninformed.

It will save you a lot of time to look for alternative colors or matching colors. Look for colors that complement each other and which of the colors will look good on various backgrounds?



  • Use a Grid to align everything


Our brains are trained to follow a pattern. Anything other than ordinary and our brain will pick it up. Instead of using randomness to align your images, it is best to use a grid to align all your images. And not just images the text and the shapes when aligned in a grid will give a positive feeling to the visitor.


  • Sketch it before you use a computer


I’ve worked for a design agency for a year. And what I loved about that agency was the level of details they put while designing anything new. It was basically a top-notch custom logo design agency and they start every project by first jotting everything down on paper.

The process starts by sketching variations in everything. From fonts to colors to shapes. Everything when sketched on paper ignites more creativity and we used to come up with more variations because everything was there right in front of our eyes.


  • Make Good use of Shadows


Sometimes it is the shadows that make certain elements in your design stand out from the rest. You must figure out how shadows can uplift some of the elements in your design.

Forget the drop shadows, now is the time for subtle shadows. Whether it is a tagline or a menu on top, if you use subtle shadows it will stand out on the page and look good. Professional designers know how to use subtle shadows and you can learn to use it too.


  • Steal like an artist


No, I am suggesting stealing everything from one designer. If you rob from one artist you’ll be blamed for stealing, but if you take inspiration from several designers, you’ll be labeled as an artist.

A good way to take inspiration from several designers is to pick and choose various elements of the design. Look at some famous graphic designers and study their work. Pick one element from each designer and see how they are using it. Gather all the elements and soon people will start labeling you as a professional designer.


  • Bookmark the good stuff


While doing the research bookmark good websites, tutorials, and how-to videos from anyone you love.

Ideas often strike when our minds are in a relaxed state. You cannot wait for inspiration, you must work hard to generate inspiration. And when you start reading the good stuff, mind often gets more creative.

Make it a habit of bookmark everything that touches your heart. Whatever you like take it and let the mind do the creative part.


  • Practice everyday


If you are serious about being a pro, you must develop a habit to practice every day.

This is the core difference between a beginner and the pro. The beginner looks for shortcuts while a pro is hungry enough to take everything that comes along the way.

Ensure that you’re learning something new every single day. Take time to analyze your work and see what seems wrong. Sit with an expert and ask him/her for a critical view on your work.

Once you know your weakness, take time every day to work on that weakness. If you practice every day, this will make you learn more about yourself. And once you know what is wrong with you, it will be easier for you to improve.


Anyone can turn into a pro. The only requirement is hard work. Be mindful with your practice and soon you’ll start giving results that will astonish you too.

If you’re serious about turning into a pro, take these hacks seriously. These hacks will transform your learning and take you to the next level.

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