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10 Factors You Should Consider While Choosing a Mobile App Development Company



mobile app development

Hiring a mobile app development company plays a significant role in the app success. A mobile app development aids you in making an extensive market research, choosing the best tech stack for your mobile app, determining the engaging features, app screens and designs for your mobile app, and launching a perfect app.

But, what if you fail to pick the right mobile app partner? Needless to say, your mobile app development journey won’t be seamless and profitable. You will face numerous challenges while developing your application and more often fail to hit the market with the desired expectation. In other words, your app idea might fail.

Does that sound stressful? Don’t worry!

This article will guide you to how to hire the right mobile app development company for your app project:-

  1. Determine Skills and Experience

The skills and experience of your mobile application development company reflect the quality of the app you will get. If you go with an experienced app development company, the team will be well-versed with the challenges associated with the mobile app development process and ensure that you get a perfect app. Whereas, in the case of hiring a newbie, you might have to struggle if the developers fail to mitigate the challenges that come across the app development process.

So, keep an eye on the skills set and experience of the app development agencies before shortlisting them.

  1. Test their Market Knowledge

There are various mobile application development companies who claim to be No.1 in the market, but are unfamiliar with the latest mobile app development trends and programming languages. Going with any such company implies building an outdated mobile app that no one wants to use, which eventually means app failure.

So, be sure that the app partner you choose is updated with what’s happening in the market and how to introduce those trends and technologies into the app development process before hiring one.

  1. Check Portfolio

Portfolio acts as the pictorial representation of the app development team’s skills and experience. It helps you to see the previous work of the team and determine how your mobile app will look and feel.

If a mobile app development company has a portfolio with the most engaging and interesting apps, preferring to the company would be a good point. Whereas, selecting an app partner with boring and low-quality apps means expecting the same type of application for your needs.

  1. Seek Reviews from Existing Clients

While Portfolio can assist in evaluating how your app will look and feel, the client review can provide you with inside stories. The clients can provide you with an aid regarding the company’s professionalism and the types of challenges they faced while dealing with the company.

This will help you to easily determine which app development agency to go with for enjoying better mobile app development services.

  1. Meet the Team

Many mobile application development companies do not have an adequate number of experienced in-house developers. They hand over your project to freelancers and interns, which means compromising at app quality and cost.

So, it is better to meet the team dedicated to your app project or connect with them digitally. Ask them various questions to test their knowledge, qualification and experience, and once you are sure that the team is perfect to handle your app project, then only hire the mobile app development agency.

  1. Check their Market Presence

When it comes to hiring a mobile application development company, checking their market presence is also a plus point. It helps you to undo the risk of selecting a fraud app partner and provides you with better opportunities to rule the app market.

Now, when talking about market presence, the best way to look into the market presence of a mobile app development company is to check their ratings at popular B2B ratings and reviews portals, like AppFutura, Clutch, and GoodFirms.

  1. Decide the App Cost

Having an in-depth knowledge of how much does it cost to make an app is also a crucial factor in choosing the right app partner. When you have an estimate of the cost of your mobile application, you can skip the fraud app development firms who lure the clients with the lowest app prices. So, look forward to understanding what factors and pointers to consider while calculating app cost.

  1. Analyze their Communication Level

Another essential factor to consider while determining the right mobile app development company for your app needs is the communication level. If a mobile app agency denies to make an interaction during the app development timeline, avoid picking them.

This is because the proper communication level can aid you to gain the right insights about the app project progress as well as provide you with an opportunity to test your app idea and update it during the process itself.


  1. Discuss the Payment Structure

While many companies demand the complete amount at the beginning of the project, others go with Agile strategy in case of payment as well. So, it is essential to discuss the payment structure they follow and choose a company as per your terms.

  1. Ensure Post Development Maintenance

Mobile app development is not a one-time process. With the changing market trends and customer behavior, you would have to maintain/update your application regularly. For this, it is necessary to either remain in contact with the same mobile app developers or have ownership on all the resources, including app code. So, be clear on these terms as well.

Choosing the right mobile app development company for your app needs is really important. So, pay attention to the aforementioned factors and hire an app partner that takes your app idea to newer heights.


List of Best Family Calendars App with most intuitive UI



Family Calendars App

1. Dayhaps:

Dayhaps is great family calendar app for all users Android and iPhone as well as web users. Its simple to use shared calendar app allows the user to create multiple calendars and share with family, friends. and helps to speed up family.


  • Create calendars for groups and personal use.
  • Make a shared calendar in less than a minute.
  • Filter calendars in a beautiful designed calendar view.
  • All participants of a shared calendar will stay up to date from events in the group calendar.
  • Invite family, friends or anyone else to a group in a single step.
  • The view which group members are attending events and RSVP.
  • Reminders and notifications from activities.
  • View events only if you are going using the quick filter.
  • It’s fast and easy to manage a calendar. All group participants can do it.
  • Calendars have different colours and you can add personalized images to the calendars.

2. Calendars 5

Calendars 5 is one of the most lovely family calendar apps for iPhone users. It has more than a few aspects that are very effortless to operate.

• It provides an alternative to join with different social media apps.
• You can even create an activity with Siri on this app.

3. Jorte Calendar

The Jorte Calendar is one of the most famous calendar apps. It has an extensive range of points as compared to different calendar apps.

• It has a countdown characteristic which tells how many days left for the particular event.
• You can even add photos to your events.

4. Awesome Calendar

The Awesome Calendar is used with the aid of many expert people to manage their events. This app additionally syncs with your all in-built iPhone calendars.

• It lets you make a observe with images.
• You can even reveal the climate through this app.

5. Planner Pro

The Planner Pro is any other first-class family calendar app for iPhone. It is a full-featured calendar app that can manipulate your each day routine.

• You can create subtask below one task.
• You can add, alter or delete any project very easily.
• You can hide any task.

6. TimeTree

The TimeTree is also a very useful calendar app that can control your busy lives via sharing events with household members.

• You can view events in accordance to the specific month.
• You can share activities with those human beings also who do no longer use TimeTree.

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Are you searching for sites like Putlocker for Streaming Online Video?



Are you searching for sites like Putlocker for Streaming Online Video?

Putlocker is each film fan’s most loved stage. It was set up in 2011 and turned into an exceedingly looked for after site to stream films. To put it plainly, it even wound up a standout amongst the most well-known sites like put lockers at once.

Putlocker offers you access to a broad accumulation of best quality recordings. You can likewise stream films, arrangement and recordings as you wish on this stage. Be that as it may, the fact of the matter is other incredible stages are out there. They offer similar best quality recordings, easy to use interface and different advantages as the previously mentioned Watch movies Online.

  1. Niter

Niter is one of the sites like put lockers that gives you everything. It has a natural interface that is very dim in appearance, yet that is not a major issue.

Niter contains a lot of motion pictures in various sorts. What’s more, that is what is generally essential. Be it activity, show, experience, spine-chiller, repulsiveness, music, sports, wrongdoing, narrative, name it. Video quality is likewise the first rate.

  1. 123 Movies

This stage is another site like putlockers. It has everything that makes gushing recordings web-based fascinating. One great thing you will like about the 123Movies stage is that you don’t have to join before approaching its substance. You should simply visit, stream or download any film or video of your decision.

Once more, this Alternative sites like putlocker, is easy to explore. What’s more, this is a major in addition to for motion picture darlings. You will likewise locate the most recent films on this stage, with outstanding video quality. You will likewise approach the latest arrangement the business brings to the table or distinctive movies in HD quality.

Additionally, Best sites like putlocker in the event that you need to get the warning at whatever point another video winds up accessible on the stage or if there are changes made that influences you, remember to buy in to their email list.

3.    Megashare

Megashare is an efficient stage where you can get excellent recordings to nourish your eyes, Watch movies Online. You can discover films dependent on discharge date by tapping the symbol “YEARS.” to put it plainly, everything about this stage is adorable. Recordings are accessible in the best of value. Beside,s it’s likewise overly simple to discover films on this stage. You will be astounded when you visit the site.

Another amazing component of Megashare, sites like putlockers is the way that one can ask for films by simply tapping on the “Demand” symbol at the highest point of the stage. You will likewise get films from various nations. So it is highly unlikely you won’t get the fulfillment you merit on Megashare. Be it language, and video quality; Megashare is one Putlocker elective that has got you secured.

4 Moviefone

Another best elective site like Putlocker that has been doing business for a considerable length of time is MovieFone, Best sites like putlocker. It’s an efficient stage that has taken watching motion pictures online to another dimension. It’s one stage that can stay up with the latest with the most recent or old Network programs and motion pictures. At the end of the day, on the off chance that you skirt a scene, don’t trouble. You will discover and Watch movies Online it on Moviefonee at whatever point you are prepared.

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Common Challenges with Responsive Web Design



Responsive Web Design

A Responsive design has brought a great revolution in the web designing world. Today’s web designers are putting efforts in creating a highly responsive website with an ultimate goal to give rich user experience across different devices and screen sizes – be it a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Here the focus is to build websites that can adapt the screen size of a device used by a user while accessing your site. If you want to give your visitors a rich browsing and navigating experience, create a responsive and mobile-ready website.

However designing responsive sites is not a cup of tea for everyone, particularly those who have just stepped into developing a Magento website or for that matter, any other CMS. There are many challenges that you may face while working on your next responsive web project. In fact, most of the experienced designers have encountered many issues related to code frameworks and scripts, changing the landscape of devices, web marketing trends and much more. In order to get the most of the responsive web design, you need to avoid silly mistakes and find out the concrete solution.

Here in this post, we will share some of the common challenges faced by web designers while creating websites. We will also discuss their respective solutions for the best possible results.

1. Chaos in ‘Visual Stage’

The traditional process of designing a site was very straightforward where web designers met with their clients to take approval of their static images and screenshots before starting up the actual development process. But now website designing has become more chaotic.

Web designers are now focusing on creating quick sketches, wireframing and HTML and CSS prototypes relying on multiple device dimensions and screen sizes. This makes it difficult for the client to understand the entire Visual Stage of a responsive web design process.

  • Solution

There are two simple ways to solve the issue of responsive sketching. In the first approach, you can create sketches for a desktop homepage and then alter and fit it for the specific mobile or tablet screen size. The second approach is quite time-consuming. Under this, a web designer demonstrates the design layouts on paper and explains how they will adjust to multiple devices dimensions and screen sizes.

The first step begins when you design the layouts in a browser using HTML and CSS prototypes, then you build a system of elements and analyzing how they can be remodelled for multiple configurations – this eliminates the development of wireframes for each and every page and makes your job easier.

2. Issues with Navigation

Problems with navigation come into existence after the introduction of responsive design. Earlier, the navigation on websites aimed to be horizontal (on the top of a web page) or down the left side of a page. But now web visitors are finding difficulties in navigating the responsive sites due to the complex structure. If you want to give your users a quick and easy navigating experience, modify the entire concept of navigation in responsive websites.

  • Solution

The strategy of creating navigation on responsive sites should be clean, simple, and consistent. Understand the importance of your site’s content before building an intuitive and user-friendly navigation structure.  Also, know what your potential web visitors expect from your site – what and why they browse on your site. This will help you create highly-interactive navigation for your site.

Note: Don’t forget to test the navigation on different devices to check its responsiveness. This will take the user experience of your site to another level.

3. Displaying data tables on small screens

Data tables can create serious issues when you access them on small screen devices. The tables filled with complicated data or information, along with a huge number of rows and columns can look messy on smaller mobile devices. It squashes all the information and gives poor user experience to your mobile visitors.

  • Solution

Well, there are multiple solutions to this particular issue. Consider the following methods:

  • You can create responsive tables.
  • Instead of using a grid layout, you can create a smaller table that doesn’t enable horizontal scrolling.
  • Build brief pie charts of your tables to make them more interactive.
  • You can even use smaller versions of tables and add a link to the full version.
  • Create rainbow tables using colours instead of columns and much more.

4. Background images, icons and buttons

Images can make or break your website. They play a crucial role in determining the accessibility and usability of your website. If you are developing a responsive website, make sure that you create flexible images, buttons and icons to let your visitors interact with your site on their small mobile devices with ease. But sometimes images on responsive sites look hazy when you open it on smaller screens. In fact, the icons look every irrespective on the browsers of smaller devices.

  • Solution

Use the lazy loading images trick to optimize the browser rendering. It can also minimize the number of HTTP round trips by holding off the loading of images.

You can use the SVG format to optimize your icons for different devices. It scales the size of icons and buttons, without ever affecting its quality.

5. Time consuming Process

Since responsive websites are developed for multiple devices, you need to spend more time on designing, developing, and testing your website. This creates hurdles for web designers – as they need to execute to process within a given time period.

  • Solution

Of course, creating responsive sites takes a lot of time, but you can get better opportunities for gradual change and step by step evolution. Rather than implementing serious overhauls to the site that are expensive and time-consuming, you can develop a site process by process to save both the time and effort of the owner in the long run.


These are the five most common challenges with their respective solutions that can help you create highly impressive Responsive Web Design with ease. All you need to do is to encounter your issues and find out the relevant solution for better results.

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